Just QROPS Pension Transfer Advise For Expats

Just QROPS was compiled by QROPS ADVISORY SERVICES – www.qropsadvisoryservices.in. If you have a UK pension and now either reside outside of the UK or plan to, you can transfer your pension into a QROPS, short for Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes – and access a host of benefits.

Just QROPS is a well-established team of Financial Advisers who are experts in dealing with overseas pension transfers.We remove the hassle, trouble and time in building the best QROPS solution for your circumstances, and provide you with honest, independent advice and solutions so you can make empowered decisions.

We will advise you on the best possible option for your UK pension, so you can concentrate on the future. We suggest taking advice of our experts to help you analyze your pensions and guide you on what is right for you.

Our QROPS Experts


Starting a promising career in the financial services industry in 2008 with ING Life Insurance Company Limited as a Group Sales Manager in their Tied Agency Division, he gained valuable experience in the areas such as pension transfers of UK expats, SIPP transfers, and investments in mutual funds.

With a good working knowledge in advising clients on QROPS equities, investments for insurance, financial planning, mutual funds and portfolio management, he also qualified as a Certified Investment Advisor.

With this background, Ravikanth co-founded Qrops Advisory Services Pvt.Ltd., in 2014, with the aim to provide ethical pension advice to UK expats. In addition to the above, he specialized in the following services:-advice in complex UK Malta/Gibraltar phased pension transfer strategies and

-retirement planning for individuals living globally and maintaining a worldwide loyal client bank.

Having qualified as an AMFI-Register Mutual Fund Advisor and a Chartered Financial Goal Planner, he is presently completing a course as a Chartered Wealth Manager-American Academy of Financial Management, India.

Possessing qualities as a flexible and experienced administrator with excellent time management skills, he is a good communicator with proven inter-personal skills as well as the ability to work as a team, whilst also being capable of using his own initiatives.


An award winning branch manager with ING Life Insurance Company​ Limited till 2014, Harika gained over 7 years’ experience in the insurance industry and financial sector. A persuasive negotiator with excellent communication skills and leadership qualities, Harika provided exceptional levels of services working with a team of 50+ financial advisors.

A master’s in Business Administration from the University of Madras and an AMFI-Registered Mutual Fund Advisor, and is presently pursuing a course as a Certified Financial Planner.

With a proven track-record and a strong product knowledge, Harika joined QROPS Advisory Services in January 2015 as a director with a strong desire to provide unbiased solutions to UK Expats in choosing their retirement planning, while working with a team of dedicated professionals.

We Have Successfully Trasferred Pensions From:

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QROPS Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme.

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Dr. Keshav Rao Devulapally M.D,MRCPsych

“QROPS Advisory services Pvt Ltd to us has been a one stop shop, for all financial aspects we have always got an answer. We are happy to see that the organization is ever growing and adding more and more services. Above all, the reliability factor is very high. Personal involvement goes in there is what is really appreciable


The level and quality of service and information provided by QROPS Advisory services team has exceeded our expectations. We wish the levels are maintained and taken to greater heights. QROPS Advisory Services has provided valuable assistance in planning and executing of our post retirement life. Their market research and competitive insights are second to none.

Arun Dhandayudham
Medical Director and Joint CEO

Ravi Kanth helped me move my NHS pension into a QROPS scheme. He expertly helped me navigate the intricacies of NHSBA bureaucracy and hand held me every step of the way. He now handles my investment options. He is very honest and easy to deal with